The Awkward Introduction

It’s time for that post. That awkwardly self aware first foray into a new blog. So fresh and so clean, it’s time to just sully it all up with made up words and some inane ramblings that perhaps might interest some people.

I’ll run the introduction first, so that at least you’ve got some context for the posts to follow.

My name is Kate. Kate Sinclaire, in fact. I run a website called, which is not safe to be clicking on at work – though if you’re here, reading my blog, at work, then you’re probably at the kind of workplace that you could look at Cherrystems at. That is to say, one that allows you to look at porn. is a soft porn site based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. An unlikely home for a bit of a porn hub, but we’re hoping that we can be trailblazers in that respect.

Our goals are to be open and honest about sex work, and to bring the concepts to the forefront – even in smaller centres. To show that there are things happening outside of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, and to give hope to people struggling with living in cities that don’t cater to their interests.

In order to achieve this, Cherrystems is a labour of love. All of our workers are volunteers, working toward creating a world that accepts sex work and sex workers. Our membership fees go to fund trips to conferences for Cherrystems-involved folks, as well as to assist other community organizations in Winnipeg and beyond.

So that’s kinda that in a nutshell.

The next thing on my docket to tell you is that I work for the most amazing silicone toy company (in the world). We’re called Fuze Toys, and we’re based in Peterborough, Ontario. Yes, I work out of Winnipeg, but that’s how things go in the magical world of the internet. We create awesome silicone dildos, butt plugs, and supply silicone balls for gags to some of the best suppliers of BDSM and leather goods.

For them, I maintain social media, am the wholesale sales rep, and am heading up some interesting marketing projects and the like. It’s so incredibly exciting to be part of a company that is growing so much. I learn new things everyday, get to meet awesome people that work in some of the absolute best sex shops in the whole world. It’s such an amazing privilege. We create 100% silicone goods, manufactured by injection not far from our Peterborough base, in the USA. We have the best Canadian folks designing for us, and we maintain wetlands and plant native trees with the funds that come in from our sex toys.

Could I have a better job?

Or set of jobs?


In real life, though, I’ve been trying to slightly slow down, or at least redistribute my tasks. I’ve got a new found anxiety disorder based around involuntary, stress-induced heart palpitations. I have between 1 palpitation and approximately 2000+ on a daily basis. Some days it’s hard just to be Kate, feeling your heart skipping beats and getting dizzy all the time. When it happens to be every 15 seconds of your life, shit gets hard. Is this my last heartbeat? This one? Is this the time this palpitation is for real?

I’ve learned that adequate sleep, lots of love from my partner, Aaron, and keeping my priorities straight has really helped me a lot. While I used to love doing a million things a minute, I’m just suddenly no longer capable as a human being. So sometimes I’ll write about the challenges of having a mental illness based off a physical illness.

Annnnd I sometimes sew, listen to music, embroider, work a day job, have friends, vacation, explore, and enjoy life in general. This is a personal/professional blog, so you’ll see it all. I can’t wait to get to know you.

One comment

  1. I cant wait for more! Very interesting and love the work you are doing via cherrystems for winnipeg and also in the toy industry! Thats awesome! Ive also experienced the agony of an anxiety induced illness…its terrible and people dont tend to understand how it really effects a persons life. Good luck working towards better mental health. đŸ™‚

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