Genderfest! Courtney Trouble!

It’s less than a week away! Courtney Trouble, renowned queer porn icon, is coming through Winnipeg (and Calgary), and I’m pretty freaking excited. You can read about her mini Canadian tour on her blog.

She’s coming to town as part of Genderfest Winnipeg. You might be asking “Well, Kate, what is Genderfest?” and that’s really a great question.

Genderfest is exactly as it sounds. Break it down, and we’ve got “gender” and “fest”. The thing that we are festing is gender. What is gender? It’s oh so many things to oh so many people, which is why celebrating it is such a good idea. If you’re unclear on any of it, you should probably check out their Facebook page, and maybe head out to some events this week. There have already been events for the last several days, but there’s still plenty of time to check out some other great events.

I’m hosting the Feminist Porn: Representing Pleasure talk/screening on Valentine’s day (February 14th for those unaware). For more information, click this lil’ banner image here (which Courtney graciously created for us):


In other news, I’m presently editing a video blog of mine to share with you all. It’ll be good. We’ll have a cup of tea together and talk about the new Fuze Velvet.

Hope you’re having an awesome day.

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