Month: February 2016

The Making of: Femmes

I’d worked with Samantha Leigh twice before. Once, she met me in a hotel room and we snapped pictures and chatted and got closer and it was wonderful. I’d known her from various bits of my life – mainly from a conference she runs in Toronto. The second time, we shot some adorable photos in her bedroom while I was out in the Tdot meeting with a few fun toy companies.

But she decided that it was time to maybe move beyond just still photos, into the fancy future of moving pictures. There was a lot of talk around doing it, about insecurities, about body love, and about who to shoot with.

I made up a casting call for Samantha, but ultimately we decided that the best and most comfortable way to ease into the porn world would be to shoot with someone she knows and loves, Jessica Sinclaire (we share no relation, though I insist we’re long-lost porno sisters). We brought Jessica on board, set up a date, and I rented an Airbnb. I was coming out anyway for the Feminist Porn Awards, and getting shooting done around that time of year is one of my favourite things. There’s an energy there. Everyone’s excited – more excited than usual.

Jessica and Samantha arrived in the late morning to my (rented) condo. We chatted, snacked on hummus and carrots and crackers, berries, and an assortment of other goodies. It was then that the bags of accoutrements the two had brought along got dumped out on the floor and we began to plan the shoot for the day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 1.59.47 PM.png

It’s like candy.

The femmyness of this pile of pleasure was fantastic. The pearl-encrusted hitachi magic wand was a craft project. The candy pink cuffs and collar. Heels. Bras. Underpants (I’m sorry, I’m just incapable of saying panties and taking it seriously). Everything was lace and pearls and pink and fucking perfect.

We added a few toys to the pile from the Fuze lineup, including the Tango specifically, at which point I take over the conversation and bring in the legal bits and whatnot. By that, I mean all performers sign a 2257 (proof of age) form, a Ciné Sinclaire performance agreement, and I have to witness a conversation about STI status and barriers. I basically ask each performer to disclose their status to their partner with me present, and then to talk about which barriers they would like to use (if any), and ways to check in throughout the shoot to see if things have changed. It’s quite wholesome and lovely.

With all of that out of the way, Jessica and Samantha got themselves dressed and ready. As producer/director of a tiny company, I also do things like straighten straps, apply makeup, refresh water in glasses, and ensure that everyone feels comfortable. My assistant that day, Dayna Danger, also helps out with all of these things. It’s a little family, and I love it.

We’d discussed that the scene would start very casually. It’s my favourite way to shoot, honestly. We’d just start hanging out in the bedroom while Dayna and I synced up our camera settings, and then we’d just kind of start rolling. This is pretty much exactly what we ended up doing on this shoot. I love it because it means that the performers are more at ease – there’s no hard and fast “ACTION” moment, and I get a lot of really great B-roll of the performers just being themselves. I feel like it’s the kindest way to start shooting a scene like this one (that has no scripted dialogue).

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 2.13.25 PM.png

Testing the settings on my camera, but also catching amazing moments.

This was a very free form shoot. That presents so many challenges and also allows for so much creative freedom. Basically, myself and Dayna work hard to be flies on the wall as much as possible during a free form shoot. We just let the action unfold in front of us. And so we did.

Samantha and Jessica were amazing to shoot. It was so perfect to watch both of them giving each other so much pleasure. But the part that really sticks out to me is the moment that Jessica asks if she can squirt all over the bed (it’s the bed I was sleeping in while out in toronto). Of course the answer was a resounding yes, and there’s a bit of behind the scenes footage to show the moment where we cut for a bit in order to hide a towel underneath the duvet. With the towel in place, we pick back up and keep rolling.

Moments later, I notice myself biting my finger behind my camera as the scene intensifies, Jessica’s legs curl up and back, and she gets ever closer to the edge. It’s in that instant that my camera barks a command at me from the screen: “CARD FULL”

Oh god.

“STOP! Shit!” I yell.

Jessica has probably rarely looked at someone with such a look of fear and confusion as I tear off to grab a backup card I have on a dresser a mere 7 feet away from me. Yet my trip there and back, flinging the old card out and the new one in, seemed like it took a year.

Thankfully, Dayna kept rolling, and as soon as I got back to my spot and motioned that I was good, it happened. The Money Shot. Through the magic of editing, none of you will even know the moment. But know, in the back of your head, that it happened.

Watching these two have sex was epic, intimate, and glorious. I truly feel that this hour-long feature captured the essence of the fun that these two have together. I’m so incredibly happy that I get to share it with you.

Check out the trailer and rent/buy the film here on Ciné Sinclaire. 

See you soon, porno connoisseur!

❤ Kate