Cherrystems Model Call – Winnipeg


It’s time again that is looking for new wonderful models to work with us. Here’s the lowdown:

-Working with Cherrystems is unpaid volunteer work. We do charge folks to subscribe to our website though, and you’ll receive a free lifetime membership for posing for us! Neat!

-Cherrystems is a philanthropic endeavour. Owner Kate Sinclaire has also never paid herself for all the behind the scenes work or her own modeling. Instead, all profit from the site is redirected to great charitable groups, shelters, drop in centres, LGBTQ* organizations, and more. It’s nudity for a cause.

-Photo shoots consist of 35-70 final photo selections, usually following some kind of narrative. The shoot must contain nudity in at least 50% of the photographs. We want to emphasize pride in nudity, not hiding our bits in shame. (thumbs up)

-Shoots are conducted by an official Cherrystems photographer, and we do not charge for the shoot. Even the photographers volunteer.

-Nude photos are on the internet FOREVER, and your grandparents and *your boss* will find them, guaranteed, 100%. If you’re cool with that, let’s chat.

-We accept models of all shapes, sizes, genders, orientations, skin colours, and everything else under the sun. We simply ask that you be a respectful person. That is the only way that we turn folks down.

-Please email with a bit about you and why you’d like to model for Cherrystems, along with your January/February 2017 availability.


Ok, now you can conact


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