Nuit Raunch – Call for films

ian-dooley-298780-unsplash.jpgIt’s that time of year again. Annually, Winnipeg’s countless galleries, studios, and venues open their doors for a full night of art, celebration, and culture on the last Saturday of September for Nuit Blanche.

In 2017, we hosted our first screening of erotic film during Nuit Blanche. We put out a sandwich board on the street, directing people to a studio on the 3rd floor of an old warehouse, and we didn’t realize how big it would become.

Our screening quickly became standing room only, with attendees eager to watch 8 short films from around the world.


If you have a film that you would like to submit (8 minutes and under please), send a screener link and film description to BEFORE AUGUST 29th, 2018. Screening date will be September 29th, 2018. All films will be credited in a full-colour paper program, and awards for Best Film, Best Humour, The Most Beautiful, and Most Poignant (political) will be presented. Filmmakers not in attendance will have physical awards mailed to them. 

Submission details:

-8 minutes or less (can be cut from a longer scene)
-Deadline August 29th, 2018
-Must be an erotic film (porn or otherwise)
-You own the rights to distribute this film and have the consent of all parties involved
-1080p H.264
-USC 2257 requirements are fulfilled for your film (including declaration)
-email with your screener link and film description
Thanks, and good luck!

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