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People of colour and folks in the 2SLGBTQ* community are encouraged to apply.

Ciné, a award-winning Canadian feminist porn production company under the umbrella of Cherrystems Media is announcing a casting call for the Winnipeg area around September 2020. Shoots will be approximately 3-4 hours in length, with a consent conversation beforehand and debrief afterward.

What we’re looking for:
Do you have a sexual story to share with the world? We’re presently casting performers for 1.25 hour clips to be used on Ciné, on PinkLabel, and on television via Vanessa Media in Canada, the US, and Europe, as well as the festival circuit, in perpetuity.

We’re looking for individuals that want to exhibit the ways that they have sex, be it vanilla, kinky, spiritual, masturbation, anything. The kind of sex you’re having is the kind of sex we’d love to put on film.

We are actively seeking anyone of any gender expression, orientation, shape, size, skin colour, ethnicity, and age (over 18), to create porn with us. Extra credit if you already have porn or camming experience. If shooting a scene with more than one person, we are ideally looking for couples or people that would like to work with another person that they are already familiar with, but will also look at full casting options if need be.

To apply, complete the following:
Please send a brief but descriptive blurb about what you would like your scene to be focused on, and why you feel this kind of sex should be on film, to If you would like to include your ethnicity, gender, size, orientation, or otherwise, you are more than welcome to self identify but are not required. All applications are confidential, and self-identifying is encouraged to help us represent the most folks possible. Also please add confirmation that you are 18 years of age or older to your email.

Let us know if you have a shooting partner (or partners) in mind. Please only suggest people that you have already approached. We will need to speak with this person before the shoot as well.

Please include one photo of yourself so that we know what you look like! We do not discriminate, this is purely to get to know you and your aesthetic. Clothed selfies are just fine!

Shoots will take place in the area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Please advise if you’ll need an accessible space, and what you would require. We are unable to provide travel stipends for people wanting to shoot that do not live in Winnipeg. Please only apply if you will be in Winnipeg in September of 2020. If you have travelled to Winnipeg, you must have completed your 14 day isolation period for COVID-19 prior to the day of shooting.

This is a paid shoot. Our reply email will contain details. Email to apply.

COVID NOTE: with respect to COVID-19 precautions, all crew will be provided with masks and ideally we would work in a space with adequate ventilation (shoot space TBD once we decide on the feel of the shoot). Hand sanitizer will be available for all, as well as access to a washroom with running water. The space will be pre-sanitized before shooting. As for STIs, we have an assortment of condoms, dental dams, and lube available on set for use anytime. We’ll also have a lil’ STI chat prior to the start of the shoot to be sure everyone feels empowered to make the right choices for themselves.


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